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There is nothing nicer than having a patchwork quilt as the central theme of your bedroom decor. We sell quilts that are machine pieced and then hand quilted with care and finesse. Don’t confuse these with the $1,000 and up quilts you will see at auction houses but be confident that they are well constructed and tastefully done. Many of the quilts replicate the “old timey” patterns of yesteryear while others stand in a category by themselves. Our quilts may be a “crazy quilt” of odds and ends, a traditional 9 patch, flying geese, tumbling blocks or many of the patterns you see in books and magazines. In addition we have quilts with western, nature, rustic, or princess and fairy themes.

The many distributors we represent are C and F, Victorian Heart, Patch Quilts, Quilts by Donna and Pendleton. We may not have the picture on line yet but we are bringing them into our retail stores and are able to ship those we don’t have in stock straight from the distributor. If you are in Montana please come by our showrooms and check out all of our fine furnishings and bedding. The quilts we sell are made of cotton or mostly cotton fabrics that have been pre washed to help with fading then have cotton or polyester batting sandwiched and quilted between the pieced and backing layer. Most of our designs can be machine washed and fluff dried. After washing they are usually lovelier than when first purchased. Please call us at 1-800-449-3147 for any information you desire about our bedding. We have many of the quilts on our showroom floor so can tell you about specific construction and manufacturers.

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